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I guess you may be thinking...

All of them are superstitions

Understanding, Thinking and Basics

We often hear the following cliches for business

Now,what is understanding, thinking and basics ?

  • The concept of Thinking-skill
    • Set of Visualising and Moving-images
      • Life is filled with ups and downs; this is how we progress. Imagine the graph and plot onto the graph everyday. Work out the balance between Visualising and Moving-images for the work you have done on the day. After the investigation, you should also draw a line of best fit. For Thinking-skill to be the best it can be, the line of best fit should have a strong correlation and a gradient of 45 degrees.


Playing outside adequately is essential to develop Visualising


  • If you are asked what 'apple' is, you can answer the question.
    • Why? Because you have seen and eaten the fruit.
    • You could visualise it.

  • If you are asked what 'apble' is, you can't answer the question.
    • Why? Because you have never seen and heard of the object.
    • You couldn't visualise and understand it.

I'm apble.

Let's try the following experiment with our brain!

Our target is to maturate Thinking-skill

The deadline is 12 years old

Required practices to obtain our expected idea of Thinking-skill

All subjects are linked through our theory

Game, TV, Speed and Stress are hazardous to the brain

The next step