Children's Work

Ticket Box

  • At Wembley Stadium, a queue was formed in front of ticket boxes for premium league tickets. The queue was getting longer at a constant rate. When 3 and 4 ticket boxes were available, a queue vanished in 20 minutes and in 10 minutes respectively after ticket boxes opened. Now if 6 ticket boxes were available, how long did it take to vanish the queue? Furthermore, the time for one person's assistance was constant.


Dragonfly-TonTon's Adventure

  • Dragonfly-TonTon who lived in Dragonfly Kingdom set out on an adventure for a country named Stag-Beetle. He found a diamond-made bucket when he was looking for something to pour his favourite sweet water. He found a thick hose and a thin hose which sweet water sprung. He started an experiment by using the two hoses. If he used only the thick hose and only the thin hose, it took three hours and five hours to fill up the bucket respectively. Now after he used only the thin hose for one hour, he used both hoses for one hour. Then he used only the thick hose for the rest. How long did the last clip take to fill the bucket.


A Mysterious Pond in Turtle Park

  • A mysterious pond was located in Turtle Park. Kamehame the turtle was thinking to pump out all of the water from the pond by turtle pumps. He started to pump out, at the same time constant amount of water sprung out. If he used three and four turtle pumps, it took nine and six hours to pump out all of the water respectively. Now if he used ten turtle pumps, how long did it take?


Noro-Norol train and Ultra train

  • It takes 63 seconds for Noro-Noro the train whose length is 186m to run through the Black-hole tunnel. On the other hand, it takes 45 seconds for Ultra the train whose length is 285m and speed is 1.5 times faster than Noro-Noro to run through the same tunnel. Now, work out the lengh of the Black-hole tunnel and the speed of both two trains.


Magpie Village

  • Summer Fete was held in Magpie Village. Mappy who is in Y6 at Magpie Primary School decided to sell a refrigerator for nuts. He makes £200 profit and loses £125, if he sells it at 20% and 25% discount from the tag price respectively. Now what is the tag price?