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I guess you may be thinking...

All of them are superstitions

Understanding, Thinking and Basics

We often hear the following cliches

Now,what is understanding, thinking and basics ?

  • The concept of Thinking
    • Set of Visualising and Movement
      • Life is filled with ups and downs; this is how we progress. Imagine the graph and plot onto the graph everyday. Work out the balance between Visualising and Movement for the work you have done on the day. After the investigation, you should also draw a line of best fit. For Thinking to be the best it can be, the line of best fit should have a strong correlation and a gradient of 45 degrees.


Playing outside adequately is essential to develop Visualising


  • If you are asked what 'apple' is, you can answer the question.
    • Why? Because you have seen and eaten the fruit.
    • You could visualise it.

  • If you are asked what 'apble' is, you can't answer the question.
    • Why? Because you have never seen and heard of the object.
    • You couldn't visualise and understand it.

I'm apble.

Let's try the following experiment with our brain!

Our target is to maturate Thinking

The deadline is 12 years old

Required practices to obtain our expected idea of Thinking

All subjects are linked through our theory

Game, TV, Speed and Stress are hazardous to the brain

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